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Car covered in soap suds.

Exterior Wash, Soap, Scrub, & Hand Dry - $60

Invigorating Power Wash
We kick off the process by gently rinsing your vehicle with a rejuvenating burst of water. This initial rinse helps remove loose dirt and debris, setting the stage for the thorough cleansing ahead. For particularly stubborn grime, we may apply a specialized pre-soak solution, which loosens even the most persistent dirt.

Captivating Soap and Hand Scrub
Our experts then pamper your car with a luxurious soap solution, handpicked for its gentle yet effective cleansing properties. Using premium wash mitts and sponges, we lovingly massage your vehicle’s surface, ensuring a meticulous cleanse from top to bottom. Our skilled hands delicately scrub away dirt, leaving your car’s exterior feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Gentle Hand Drying
After the cleansing ritual, your car deserves the royal treatment of hand drying. Our dedicated team employs soft, microfiber towels to tenderly caress your vehicle’s curves. We gently pat the surface dry, guaranteeing a spotless finish without the risk of scratches or water spots. Each section receives the undivided attention it deserves, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

Respectful Clean-Up
Express Shine places environmental responsibility high on our priority list. Our conscientious team ensures proper disposal of wastewater, adhering to local regulations.

Black car with silver rim and shiny black tire.

Tire Shine Treatment - $25​

With our Tire Shine Treatment, you’re not just enhancing your vehicle’s appearance; you’re making a statement. Trust Express Shine to elevate your vehicle’s style with a glossy brilliance that captures the essence of automotive excellence.

Premium Tire Shine Product:
At Express Shine, we only settle for the best. Our skilled technicians apply a premium tire shine product that surpasses expectations. This product not only rejuvenates the rich, deep black color of your tires but also imparts a lustrous, glossy finish that captures attention.

Protection Against the Elements:
Our Tire Shine Treatment isn’t just about aesthetics—it’s about ensuring your tires are shielded against the elements. The applied tire shine product forms a protective barrier that guards against harmful UV rays, environmental contaminants, and the wear and tear of daily driving. Your tires will be prepared to face the road with enhanced resilience and longevity.

The Ultimate Finishing Touch:
Express Shine’s Tire Shine Treatment is more than a service—it’s the ultimate finishing touch that completes the overall aesthetic transformation of your vehicle. It adds that extra layer of sophistication and attention to detail that defines a truly well-maintained automobile.

Interior forward facing view through a windshield.

Exterior & Interior Window cleaning - $35

Revitalize your vehicle’s clarity and aesthetics with our meticulous Exterior & Interior Window Cleaning service. Our dedicated team takes pride in ensuring your windows are pristine, both inside and out.

Exterior Window Cleaning:
Using specially formulated, streak-free cleaners, we carefully wash away dirt, grime, and smudges from your vehicle’s exterior windows. Our attention to detail guarantees crystal-clear views and a renewed brilliance to your car’s profile.

Interior Window Cleaning:
Experience the joy of looking through impeccably clean windows from the inside. Our professionals skillfully eliminate fingerprints, dust, and any residue, leaving your interior windows spotless. Say goodbye to distractions caused by smudged glass and enjoy the road ahead with unparalleled clarity.

Image of interior car door handle and controls.

Detailed interior wipe down - $40 (+$25 for Trucks/Vans/SUVs)

Comprehensive Surface Cleaning:
Our skilled technicians start by gently but thoroughly wiping down all interior surfaces. From the dashboard to the center console, door panels to the steering wheel, we ensure every inch is cleansed of dust, dirt, and smudges.

Crevices and Vents Detailing:
We delve into the hidden spaces of your vehicle, meticulously cleaning crevices, vents, and hard-to-reach areas. This attention to detail ensures a complete and thorough interior cleaning experience.

Final Touches for Perfection:
Before we conclude, we conduct a final inspection to ensure every surface is flawlessly cleaned. Our Detailed Interior Wipe Down service leaves your vehicle’s interior looking and feeling renewed, with a sense of luxury that extends beyond the surfaces we touch.

Add-On Fee:
SUVs, Semis, Trucks, and Vans will incur an additional $25 fee. This covers the extra care needed for exceptional cleanliness.

Interior view of a car with a seat and dashboard showing.

Detailed Vacuuming - $35 (+$15 for pet hair, sand, or heavy dirt, +$25 for Trucks/Vans/SUVs)

Thorough Interior Vacuuming:
Our skilled technicians systematically vacuum every corner of your vehicle’s interior—from floor mats to seats and tight crevices. We remove dust, dirt, and debris that may have settled over time.

Pet Hair, Sand, and Heavy Dirt Care:
For vehicles needing extra attention due to pet hair, sand, or heavy dirt, our professionals are ready. Specialized techniques target stubborn elements, leaving your interior refreshed.

Add-On Fee:
Excessive pet hair, sand, or heavy dirt accumulation incurs an additional $15 fee. This covers the extra care needed for exceptional cleanliness.
SUVs, Semis, Trucks, and Vans will incur an additional $25 fee. This covers the extra care needed for exceptional cleanliness.

Car seat upholstery

Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo Cleaning - $75 (+$25 for Trucks/Vans/SUVs)

Our skilled technicians apply specialized shampoo to your vehicle’s carpets, agitating to lift dirt, stains, and debris. Our powerful extraction process restores vibrancy, leaving them clean, refreshed, and residue-free.

Upholstery Rejuvenation:
We gently shampoo seats and upholstery, removing grime and restoring their original luster. Your vehicle’s interior regains an inviting appearance and comfort.

Pet Hair, Sand, and Heavy Dirt:
For vehicles with pet hair, sand, or heavy dirt, our experts tackle the challenge. Specialized techniques ensure a thorough cleanse, leaving no trace behind.

Add-On Fee:
Vehicles with substantial dirt accumulation require an extra $15 fee. This covers the care needed for the highest level of cleanliness.
SUVs, Semis, Trucks, and Vans will incur an additional $25 fee. This covers the extra care needed for exceptional cleanliness.

Blue car with view of headlights.

Headlight Restoration - $75

Precision Sanding & Clear Coat Protection:
Our skilled technicians gently sand away oxidation, grime, and UV damage, unveiling a renewed and smooth surface—a perfect canvas for transformation.

Long-Lasting Results:
Following sanding, we apply a premium clear coat to your headlights, shielding against future oxidation and UV exposure. Say goodbye to frequent headlight deterioration—our service ensures clear, luminous headlights that endure.

5-Year Warranty:
For added assurance, our Headlight Restoration service comes with a 5-year warranty. Drive with confidence, knowing your clear and radiant headlights are built to last.

Close up image of a green car.

Clay Bar Treatment - $100

Experience the ultimate rejuvenation for your vehicle’s exterior with our Clay Bar Treatment, a meticulous process that restores a smooth and immaculate finish.

The Magic of Clay:
Our skilled technicians use a specially formulated clay bar to gently lift contaminants that have embedded themselves in your vehicle’s paint. This unique technique removes pollutants such as road tar, overspray, tree sap, and more, leaving behind a surface that feels as smooth as glass. By removing contaminants that hinder light reflection, our Clay Bar Treatment enhances the paint’s natural shine. Your vehicle will gleam with a radiant luster that draws attention wherever you go. Run your hand across your vehicle’s surface, and you’ll notice the remarkable difference. Gone are the rough patches and imperfections, replaced by a silky-smooth texture that invites admiration.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can detail your vehicle at your home, work, or even at a park. However, we do not detail on the side of a major street or in private parking lots.

No, only a water hookup if you are getting a wash. 

Typically a wash and detail take between 1-2 hours depending on the size and cleanliness of the vehicle. A better estimate can be given on site, but our services page gives estimates for each service.

We offer car washing, tire washing, exterior and interior detailing, window cleaning, headlight restoration, and much more. Check our Services page for more info. 

Yes, any of our individual services can be purchased outside of the packages upon request.

You can schedule an appointment only on our website, there is a “schedule” button at the top of every page that takes you a form to fill out.

As often as you would like, it is based on your preference and how clean you would like your car to look. 

The only warranty we offer is on our headlight restorations, which is covered for 5 years.